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Free Fire x XL, Buy Quota to get Free FF Diamonds!

Free Fire has released many new, very cool events and you should try them all now very easily. Even the presence of Free Fire x XL, of course, will give you various prizes that are quite good. Especially for those of you who buy quota later, you can get a Diamond for free from this collaboration.

There are still many new updates in the Free Fire game this time, so that players can immediately complete each of their new missions right now. Give all of you lots of this newest and interesting Mission, of course it will be your chance to have it soon.

Especially to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Free Fire right now, so you can have gifts like this easily. Because there are many things that you can really get, when you want to have this main prize it is very easy.

Then the emergence of Free Fire x XL, Buy Quota to get Free Diamond FF which is definitely very profitable for the player too. So that later when you buy it too, you will get many beneficial things that you can receive from here right now.

Free Fire (FF) x XL

The Free Fire game does a collaboration with the XL Provider Card, which of course many players know about this kind of thing. So this collaboration also appears and gives Bonuses to XL card users to receive Free Diamond gifts when buying Quota later.

Free Fire x XL, Buy Quota to get Free FF Diamonds!

So I can see that Esportsku also sees that this Promotion only applies to Players who use XL Provider Cards. It means the same as Free Fire x IM3 and 3 which were also present first, so that now you can immediately find out everything that already exists now.

Players must fill the 3 GB Quota at a price of Rp. 8,550 only, valid for 7 days and get a 5 Diamond Bonus for every purchase. It’s a relatively small bonus, but it is very profitable for the card provider’s users.

But you must also know that the Free Fire x XL collaboration is included in the My XL App which has appeared within a certain period of time. If you really want to have this gift now, then do the Top Up now and you won’t be confused anymore.

A collaboration that is quite profitable for you to try now with a grand prize like this. It’s also quite profitable for players with this collaboration, so that we can immediately have the Diamond prize right now.

It’s an opportunity if you want to have this grand prize from the Collaboration, which has already appeared. Make sure those of you who use an XL Card, immediately download the My XL APP first so that you can immediately receive the Quota with the Diamond for free at a low price.

Would be a cool grand prize for us to try, don’t let it miss you altogether.

If you already know Free Fire x XL, don’t forget to immediately buy the quota and then get a DM first now. Surely this will be a good opportunity for players, if you really want to have the main prize from a collaboration like this.

Then for a Free Fire Top Up Way Using an XL Card, make sure you don’t get confused later on things like this. Because the process is very easy for you to try now, so that we can immediately have all of this easily after completing it too.