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Free Fire Player Emulator Get Banned Bulk, FF's New Policy!

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to know right now. Seeing that the Free Fire Emulator Player Get Banned Bulk, it’s something quite new. Because there is a New Policy for all players so as not to be confused by all this.

There are still many new things that Free Fire players can find right now, it really makes you curious what all these things are like. It makes us even more curious, so that later we can be excited again to play the game and the newest mission this time.

Then the emergence of a Patch Note OB35 Free Fire, because this is indeed a very good choice. Because there are many interesting things that we can indeed see and find in the game, thus making the game even more exciting and interesting.

However, if the Free Fire Emulator Player Gets Mass Banned, you should also know the New Policy that has appeared now. Because all of this does affect the game of the players, because experiencing this and it turns out to be surprising why it can happen.

Free Fire (FF) Emulator Player Gets Mass Banned

Actually, not all of the Free Fire Emulator Players are Bulk Banned, but you must have known some cases like this by now. It’s enough to make you really curious, why is Garena doing this with the latest Policy for the Emulator players.

Free Fire Player Emulator Get Banned Bulk, FF's New Policy!

If you know Youtuber Letda Hyper has been banned from Free Fire for playing through an emulator, even though he’s been doing that for a long time now. As for Esports, I know that Emulator Players have been banned because they were caught using a Bypass, where they can play and meet Smartphone players when Ranked.

That’s why we know the Player Emulator Has a New Policy on Free Fire, causing a very unbalanced game. You can see the difference when you play from the Emulator and Smartphone, from the movements and attacks that will occur.

We don’t really know how to actually use the Bypass Emulator to meet a Smartphone, but it seems that it is easy to trigger it. It doesn’t seem like it’s a script, at least inviting someone who’s playing from Android into the Party to trigger it.

The Emulator player will meet the Emulator, while the Smartphone will meet the Smartphone player as well. The bypass by the Emulator player will bring them together in a match, so that the battle will become very unbalanced later.

But because of this, now we can’t do it anymore, because there are still people who force it. So in the end they get Banned from the game, although things like this are not permanent but are very annoying.

The duration of the Mass Banned that occurs to the Player Emulator who is caught Bypass is only 3 days, but it does not guarantee that the duration will increase. It’s the same as the Budi01 Gaming Free Fire account that was banned, because it explained about the banned process.

Free Fire Player Emulator Get Banned Bulk, FF's New Policy!

The first ban has gotten a total of 3 days, then if you get banned it can be 1 week or 1 month. But if something like this happens again, most likely the emulator player who gets banned will be immediately punished permanently.

The Player Emulator itself can still play casually, as long as you don’t use the thing called Bypass. Because this will immediately become a problem, even if you get banned, you can feel it later.

Septemberbe after knowing that the Free Fire Player Emulator has been banned in bulk, you will know the reason now. Because this is really very influential, so that you can immediately have new additional things that the player can really know.

You can also try How to Play Free Fire Games Through Easy Emulators, surely the process to do that is very fast. However, you must still not use Bypass, because this is quite a disadvantage and you should not do it at all.