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Fredrinn Mobile Legends Banned or Not? This is the answer

Are you confused whether to ban Fredrinn or not at all when playing Mobile Legends rank? This is the answer to the SPIN Esports version.

Moonton recently released a new hero named Fredrinn into the Mobile Legends game.

Where the hero has a fighter/tank role, it is clear that his defense ability is above average.

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Regarding this, does Fredrinn have to be banned or not when playing Mobile Legends rank? Here’s the answer for the SPIN Esports version.

No need

Hero Fredrinn
source: Mobile Legends

The answer is it doesn’t need to be banned, why doesn’t it need to be banned? Because we think Fredrinn is a very weak hero in team fight matters.

But a very strong hero when dealing 1 vs 1 with an opponent, so you don’t have to bother to ban him when ranking.

Because the counter is your own offlaner, you have to use the right hero against Fredrinn.

fredrinn mobile legends
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Fredrinn himself has a lot of combo skills with enormous damage, you could say the ability of this hero is the same as Thamuz.

Very strong in 1 vs 1 affairs but weak during team fights. So in conclusion, you don’t need to be banned by Fredrinn when playing MLBB rank.

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