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FF Corrosion Grenade Item, Melt Enemy Defense!

Free Fire released the latest features that players can easily find in matches right now. Even the presence of the Corrosion Grenade FF Item, one of the strengths that can Melt the Enemy’s Defense in Free Fire matches. Because indeed the use of Corrosion Grenade Items like this will help fight the enemy.

Especially if you have seen some of the updates that have appeared in the Free Fire game, we will immediately check and try, for example, if we can do it. Later that will be a good opportunity for players to receive, very helpful in dealing with enemies very well.

The appearance of a September Special 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, make sure you don’t miss it right now. Of course, with this prize, players will receive many things and can immediately complete each mission as well.

Then the presence of the Corrosion Grenade FF Item, will help you to Melt Enemy Defenses in Free Fire very easily. You just need to get to know it better, then you will be comfortable using this item later.

Items Corrosion Grenade Free Fire (FF)

The presence of an Item Corrosion Grenade FF on the Advance Server September 2022, of course, is something new in this game. Of course, with those of you who use the new item, it will definitely be a very strong destroyer.

The Corrosion Grenade item itself does have a defense-destroying ability that is quite helpful. So later the player who is hit by this explosion will receive a damage, then will issue a Poison Liquid that can melt the circle area.

Then Corrosion Grenade Items like this can destroy Gloo Wall easily, so this Counter Gloo Wall Free Fire is really easy. Even if my Esports tries or is affected, it turns out that Vest and Helmet will also be affected but HP doesn’t decrease.

FF Corrosion Grenade Item, Melt Enemy Defense!

So the Corrosion Grenade Item is really suitable for us to use against the Spam Gloo Wall Enemy, because everything will be destroyed directly. Finding Grenades on Advance Server via Vending Machine and Free, will apply to Original Server later.

After knowing Item Corrosion Grenade FF, you won’t be confused anymore with things like that. You can just try it now, it’s a good opportunity to have this Skin Grenade right now.

Then also understand Tips for Throwing a Free Fire Grenade, so that it is right on target, directing it to the enemy. Later, when facing the enemy, it will not be difficult, because the defenses they put up immediately melted and shattered.