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Fans on behalf of iKON's Kim Jinhwan flock to donate to flood victims

Portalbang’s Kim Jinhwan fans flocked to donate to flood victims on his behalf.

Reported from Allkpop that Korean fan Kim Jinhwan iKON donated on his behalf to flood victims.

It is undeniable that the warm bond between iKON’s Kim Jinhwan and his fans touched the hearts of the flood victims in South Korea.

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IKON’s Jinhwan fans gave a proud story and showed positivity for flood victims.

Exactly September 14, 2022, fan community Kim Jin Hwan Gallery (@DC_Gnani) announced that they have donated 1004 cups of rice to flood victims.

They distributed the assistance to the Babsang Community Comprehensive Social Welfare Center.

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This donation is part of 1004 Donate promoted by the fan community every year for singer Kim Jin Hwan’s birthday (February 7) and debut date (September 15) and more.