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Fanny Mobile Legends Will Get a Big Nerf, So It's Not Meta Anymore?

Fanny Mobile Legends Will Get a Big Nerf, So It’s Not Meta Anymore?

Bad news for user Fanny. In the new Advanced Server patch released by Mobile Legends, Fanny will get a big nerf.

Still considered too strong to be resisted, Fanny finally got nerfed again after several previous nerfs.

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Will this make Fanny disappear from the meta again?

Nerf Fanny Mobile Legends

Fanny Nerf
source: YT VY Gaming


  • Base Physical Defense decreased from 19 to 16
  • Physical Attack Growth decreased from 13.25 to 10.25

We can see that the nerf obtained is about his attributes. Where in the future if this nerf is applied to the original server, it will certainly make it thinner in the future and not sharp enough with much reduced Physical Attack.

This affects future item builds, where Fanny is required to make attack items instead of defense to be able to do big damage.

We know that usually Fanny will use defense items more often with attack items Blade of Heptaseas and Malefic Roar.

However, in the upcoming new patch, more attack items will certainly be needed so that the damage is large enough due to the large reduction in physical attack growth.

What do you think about nerf Fanny in the new patch later? Will it really disappear from the meta or can it still be used? Write in the comments column yes.

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