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Enemy Pick Nana, You Must Pick This Jungler OP Mobile Legends (ML) Hero

You are in a situation where the enemy picks Nana, then you just pick this jungler op Mobile Legends hero to counter him.

Nana has become the most favorite mage hero for Mobile Legends players lately, all because of her skill 2 which now has a short skill cooldown so it can be spammed continuously.

Regarding this, for those of you who are confused about who is the best jungler op hero in Mobile Legends to fight Nana, here are the recommendations.

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Harley mlbb

She is Harley, a hero mage with a small body just like Nana. However, unlike Nana, Harley has a firm and scary look.

He can defeat anyone in just one combo attack. Why can Harley counter Nana?

All of that thanks to skill 3 which has a time lag to kill the opponent, so the way it works is that you have to point skill 3 at Nana.

After that, immediately approach him with skill 2 and skill 1 while killing Nana, now when Nana is killed and her passive comes out, Harley’s 3rd skill that has a pause will kill Nana who has no passive.

This method is very effective in defeating Nana, even more effective than other assassin heroes.

Harley ML

In addition, Harley’s 2nd skill also functions to avoid Nana’s molina from her 2nd skill, the more powerful Harley is to use against Nana.

Harley is a powerful MLBB jungler op hero to counter Nana, any comments?

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