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Enemy Pick Faramis, You Must Pick This Mage For The Counter

Are you in a situation where the enemy picks Faramis? Calm down spinners, the solution is that you just pick this mage for the counter.

Since being revamped some time ago, Faramis is now back in the Mobile Legends meta game.

His ability is now very useful for team fights and is often the most feared hero by players.

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Now about that, SPIN Esports has the best solution if the enemy picks Faramis, then you just have to pick this mage to counter him, who is he?


Mobile legends rank
Photo via Pinterest

Yep Valentina is Faramis’ natural counter, but different from other hero counters. Where Valentina instead of defeating Faramis but strengthening her team with Faramis’ skills.

So when Faramis’ ultimate skill is duplicated by Valentina, Valentina’s entire team will feel what Faramis did to his team.

This makes the two teams fight in a balanced way during the war, even this way has been done by the Mobile Legends pro player who is currently appearing on MPL ID S10.

Valentina mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Where in the future Faramis will no longer be the favorite to win during the war, but rather who will war neatly and compactly who will win.

Valentina herself is the only hero mage who can copy all the ultimate heroes in Mobile Legends with one tap and it becomes a frightening specter for heroes like Faramis who rely too much on skill 3.

So Faramis will go to the counter with a landslide by Valentina, don’t you believe it? Please try it on custom or immediately rank spinners.

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