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Effective Ways to Remove Ads on MIUI 11 Xiaomi Phones Without Root

The presence of advertisements on cellphones is indeed annoying sometimes, especially if we are doing something important or playing on cellphones suddenly an advertisement appears. So annoying isn’t it? Well, things like this must have been felt by xiaomi cellphone users, considering that on xiaomi cellphones there are indeed several features or menus that can display ads. As in the ads that appear when opening the file manager, music player, theme, and also the default application from xiaomi.

And actually for these types of ads, these ads started appearing not only on miui 11, but there have been ads from miui 9 and there were even some assumptions that users felt the worst unrest due to the existing ads, namely on the miui 10 version, where the system and the xiaomi app must have annoying ads.

Effective Ways to Remove Ads on MIUI 11 Xiaomi Phones Without Root

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Now for those of you who have just updated or updated the rom on miui 11 and feel uncomfortable with the appearance of ads, both on the system and the default xiaomi application. So on this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to remove ads on miui 11 without root and it can be done on all xiaomi phones. So this method is very easy because we don’t need root access or download third-party applications as a way to deal with ads that appear on xiaomi cellphones.

If you are curious and want to immediately remove ads on the xiaomi cellphone you are using? then please follow several ways to disable the display of ads on the system or application on the following xiaomi cellphone.

How to Disable MIUI System Ads(MSA)

  • you can enter the settings menu
  • enter the password and security menu
  • select authorization and revocation
  • look for the msa menu and disable it

How to turn off personalized ad recommendations

  • go to settings
  • choose password and security
  • choose privacy
  • search advertising service
  • and disable personalized ad recommendations

How to Disable Ads on Mi Security

  • you can open MI security
  • then click the coq icon in the upper right corner, look for recommendations and please disable it
  • return to the application settings menu
  • select cleaner, and disable recommendations

How to Disable ads on Mi Music app

  • open the mi music app
  • then click the 3 dots icon in the top left corner,
  • select settings
  • select advanced settings
  • please deactivate the accept recommendation pad option

How to Disable ads on Mi Video

  • open the Mi Video app
  • select the profile menu, select settings
  • turn off online recommendations
  • turn off push notifications

How to Disable Ads in File Manager

  • open the Mi File Manager app
  • click the 3 lines in the upper left corner, select settings
  • choose about
  • turn off recommendations

How to Disable ads in download

  • open the download app
  • select the three dots in the upper right corner, select settings
  • turn off show recommended content

How To Disable Ads on Mi Theme

  • open the mi themes app
  • select the account menu in the lower right corner
  • select settings
  • turn off recommendations

OK, that’s some how to get rid of ads on xiaomi miui 11 cellphone by disabling or turning off the advertising service feature on your xiaomi cellphone that you can practice, so that on your xiaomi cellphone you are free from ad impressions that interfere with the activities you are doing on your cellphone. Hopefully the above review can be useful for all of you and thank you for visiting.