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Easy Ways to Hide Whatsapp Profile Photo From Unknown People

By philanthropist

Jan 18, 2022

How to hide whatsapp account profile photo from unknown people – In the whatsapp group, usually people in the whatsapp group who are not connected to our whatsapp contacts usually what will appear are the phone number, profile photo and name. However, usually there is no name listed, or the profile photo listed is only a phone number. So we can’t easily find out who the whatsapp contact belongs to. Therefore dWith a profile photo on a WhatsApp account, we can find out who has contacted us whether it’s from the WhatsApp group or from our WhatsApp contact list. As long as the profile photo posted is really a photo of ourselves, not friends, neighbors or Spongebob pictures :). Because there are not a few WhatsApp users who install their WhatsApp profile photos instead of themselves.

And if you already know that it turns out that the profile photo is in our whatsapp or DP we on whatsapp can be seen by others even though they are not friends with us or the term has not been listed in our contact. With this, someone who is not listed in our contacts can add whatsapp contacts easily without having to ask permission from the owner of the whatsapp account, we can add the whatsapp contact. But from that, if you want other people who are not known on WhatsApp, they will recognize us by looking at our WhatsApp account profile. It turns out that there is a way to overcome this, namely by setting privacy on WhatsApp. Because in WhatsApp there is a setting feature or privacy setting. This feature is of course also for the convenience of users in using the WhatsApp application.
And according to the title above, it will be discussed about how to hide the WhatsApp account profile photo so that other people don’t see it. And to do so, carefully consider the steps below.

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How to hide our whatsapp profile picture from unknown people:

  • In the first step that must be done, of course, open your WhatsApp application.
  • After that then proceed by opening the options settings – account. As in the screenshot below.
how to hide whatsapp profile photo from unknown people
  • The next step you choose and click on privacy. See the image below.
how to hide whatsapp account profile photo
  • Select a profile photo and change it to my contact. The goal is that only people who are already friends with you or who are already in your contacts can see your profile.
  • And if you choose there isn’t any, This means that both other people you don’t know and all contacts on your WhatsApp will not be able to see your profile.

For more details, you can see the following WhatsApp screenshot image.

how to set who can see our whatsapp profile picture

Then how to make only certain people can’t see your profile?

  • Well if the question is like that it means you guys just do-step that is choose my profile-contact photo like above. Then continue with delete contact what you want to do.
  • the purpose of deleting a contact is so that the deleted contact cannot see your profile. But take it easy, because the number can still send you messages or chat how come.

Okay, maybe that’s all that can be conveyed through this post about how to hide whatsapp profile photo from others. Hopefully it can be useful and thank you for reading this article. See you in our next post.

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