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Easy Ways to Give Passwords to Flash Disks Without Software

Give a password to the flash drive without software – Usb flash is an external storage media that can store various file formats on a computer in a practical way and is also a very popular storage medium. It’s only natural that flash drives have become very popular, because apart from being relatively small and easy to carry anywhere, flash drives themselves provide storage options, ranging from small to large capacities.
Easy Ways to Give Passwords to Flash Disks Without Software

Because the flash is small and easy to carry everywhere at will. This allows the flash to be easily lost or left behind. And if it is lost or left behind, it will be very possible if someone can easily access the contents of the data contained in the flash. If you are worried about it happening. Therefore, of course, you must store and maintain the flash as well as possible. And to secure the data that is in the flash, of course, is an important thing, right?. Therefore it would be nice if you give or lock the flash with a password. The purpose of providing a password is to protect data and also protect important information from other people who have no right to access it. So that only people who know the password can access the contents of the data in it.

Actually a lot of additional software to give a password on your usb flash. But fortunately, in this article posting, we discuss an easy way to give a password to a flash drive without software.

Immediately, without further ado, follow the steps below properly and correctly:
1. Plug your flash drive into the port USB computer or PC.
2. And after your flash is connected / connected, now click start
then write Bitlocker drive Encryption in the search field.
Bitlocker Drive Encryption
3.After that look at your USB flash partition and
Click turn on Bitlocker. As in the image below.

turn on Bitlocker

4.Then type the password according to your taste and then verify the password again after that click next.

bitlocker drive encryption

5. Then click save the recovery key to a filewith the aim of saving your password so you don’t forget it, all you have to do is select the storage location and click on your file name then click save.

save the recovery key to a file

6. Then the last one click Start encryption. next this process will take a few minutes so wait for the process.

Start Encryption
Encryption is complete

If you have finished encryption, a notification will appear Encryption is complete like the picture above means that it’s a sign you’re done. Now try to remove or eject your usb flasdisk then insert it again, then when you try to open the usb folder you will definitely be asked to enter a password first. For lMore details you can see in the image below: