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Easy Ways to Eliminate Instagram Stories That Are Considered Unimportant

Instagram Stories – When we know Instagram, we all know that the updated version has a menu that has a feature as a recording moment from videos or photos, namely Stories. Where in this feature we can make personal recordings on a regular basis and there is no limit to how much we make this recording to display. And in this story the recording will be lost within 24 hours.

There are so many artists or online shops or someone who so often makes personal moments on an Instagram always appear on our homepage or home menu. Sometimes it makes us irritated or annoyed with someone’s moments that are considered unimportant so that they always appear on a menu on our homepage or home. But don’t worry, this time I will share a trick or how to disable or mute someone’s stories, anytime we can set the menu to mute / unmute stories. This time as an example I will mute stories from the name ST (SetupTour) with the Indonesian version.

  • As usual, first open your Instagram application. Then after opening the Instagram menu, please select which stories from someone will be deactivated by:
    press and hold
    his stories.
  • Then a menu will appear view profile and mute the story
  • Then select silence story.
instagram menu
  • Then automatically the moment someone you have muted will appear on the right and at the very end of your other friends’ stories with a slightly dim sign with inactive status. So every time there is a moment someone you have muted earlier will no longer appear.
mute instagram
  • Well then if you want to return to the way it was or want to unmute you can search for someone’s story earlier by sliding in the row of stories of your friends on the far right. Then press and hold then select unmute.

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