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Easy Ways to Disable Video Autoplay on Facebook Apps

How to Disable Video Autoplay on Facebook Apps – The Facebook application is a very important social networking application and is also very popular in the world. You can get information about your friends anytime and anywhere. Besides that, you can still view someone’s profile, leave comments, send pictures, download images and many other features. But this time out of the many features that Facebook has, I will give tips about one of the features that was recently launched by one of these very popular applications.

And starting from last month when I opened the Facebook application, as soon as I scrolled through the homepage, there were so many statuses, news, photos, videos from hundreds of posts shared by Facebook friends, but this time the video that I saw seemed to have a new feature. So every time we pass a video and we stop at the video, the video we are currently viewing will automatically run by itself without us having to click first.

And apparently after I searched for information about it, I just realized that recently the Facebook application launched a feature that supports videos. And those features are video autoplay. So if this feature is active then automatically the video that we see at that time will also be run automatically without us having to click first.
This feature has a fairly large advantage for those who upload videos, so they can get a large number of views because of this autoplay feature, but if you look at the shortcomings, the autoplay feature for those of us who are categorized as users will definitely experience a bit of waste of internet quota. considering the data traffic sucked from this automatically running video even though we as users have no intention of watching the video.
Indeed, by default if you currently download or update the Facebook application, autoplay will automatically activate by itself. But take it easy here, Facebook makes choices for its users, so users are given the choice or freedom to activate this autoplay feature.

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And here are some steps we need to know to disable the autoplay feature on the Facebook application.
Open the Facebook application then login. Then select the menu on the far right. Then select application settings. As in the screenshot below.
app settings

After clicking on application settings, the next step is to select the autoplay menu. See the screenshot image below.


Now then on the autoplay menu you are given 3 options:

1. Connected to cellular data and wifi connectioni: Your video is set to autoplay if you are using cellular data or on a wifi network.

2. Only connected to wifi : it means videos in facebook will play automatically if you are in a wifi network.
3. Never auto-play videos : in this option if you want disable video autoplay. So the video you want to watch will play if you click it first and of course the video will not play automatically.

For more details, see the image below.

choice of when video autoplay
How very easy isn’t it how to disable autoplay video his. How to disable this is one way and also an advantage for you so that your internet quota can be efficient.

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully what is conveyed can be helpful and useful and don’t forget for all of you if you want your friends to not miss this news, share and share this article. That’s it and good luck.

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