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Easy Ways to Change Themes or Appearance on the Whatsapp Application

By philanthropist

06 Oct, 2022

How to change the theme or appearance on Whatsapp The Whatsapp application is one of the most popular chat messenger applications in the world. However, although it is said to be popular at this time, in fact the WhatsApp application itself does not yet have the feature to change the appearance or change the theme. This is because the feature of changing or changing the theme is not officially provided by Whatsapp. Basically, if this chat messenger application has a feature to replace or change the appearance of course our conversations in a chat messenger will become more interesting while making WhatsApp users not bored with the appearance of the WhatsApp application.

Septemberbe the WhatsApp application itself will launch a feature that can change or change the theme or appearance in the next few years or even not at all. Just follow the developments and updates that will be prepared by the WhatsApp application itself.
If you are WhatsApp application users who have seen your people or friends where they use the WhatsApp application with a different theme from the WhatsApp theme in general. To change or change the theme on WhatsApp is quite easy. And this way we do it without having to do it root cell phone. For the rest, you just have to read this article to the end and find the answer here.

So for those of you who want to modify your WhatsApp by changing the theme or appearance. You have to install an application called GB Whatsapp. The app is a mod adapted from the official version of the WhatsApp application. And it has many advantages from various features compared to the usual / standard WhatsApp Messenger application. This application is not available on Playstore so you have to download GB Whatsapp on the browser page.

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How to Change the Theme or Appearance on the Whatsapp Application.

  • Download GB Whatsapp. But before that, first backup your chats with the aim that all your chats are not lost.
  • After successfully downloading GB Whatsapp, you can immediately uninstall your original Whatsapp.
  • Next, install GB Whatsapp. If it is installed, open the GB Whatsapp application by logging in using the number used as before. Use the restore chat option to display all your chat history that you have previously backed up.
Easy Ways to Change Themes or Appearance on the Whatsapp Application

  • If you have just press or select the 3 dot symbol in the upper right corner then select GB Settings.
GB settings

  • There are many choices of themes in this whatsapp mod. Select the download theme that you like. Then click apply.

download the theme on the GB whatsapp application
Then automatically the appearance or theme on WhatsApp will change. As in the example of the following whatsapp theme image.

change the theme in whatsapp with GB whatsapp application

And you can also customize the color on the chat display on whatsapp starting from main screen, conversation screen, conversation background and so on, just choose GB settings then you set yourself on the menu Appearance. And you can customize it according to your taste of course.

In this GB whatsapp application you can freely use various features and of course many benefits can be obtained after installing this application.

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