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Easy Ways to Bomb Chat Friends on Whatsapp

In the Google Playstore application there are lots of applications with various categories and functions. If you are new to this application, you can use it to prank your friends, namely by sending chat messages on WhatsApp repeatedly with large amounts at once. This message is commonly called a whatsapp bomb message. So how this application works will send messages many times to a number or to several numbers with one setting or settings. And for the purpose it is purely used for fun, joking or for fun with your WhatsApp chat friends.

And so that you can successfully prank your friends by making them feel annoyed, then at least you must of course send this message by choosing a lot of repeats. For example, 1000 times or how many times, it’s up to you, but don’t go too far. This whatsapp bomb message is very suitable for use for your friends who are having a birthday, for example. Because you definitely need a surprise that day. So it’s really fitting if you send a WhatsApp bomb message. Because it will definitely feel more interesting, with just one click, happy birthday messages will be sent in large quantities at once. But in addition to joking, you also have to be responsible for what happens afterwards if your friends get angry, or get angry and so on. Because we do not participate in the risks that you will face.

The application used to send bomb messages on WhatsApp is called Text Repeater. And you can download it directly via Google Playstore.

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And here’s how to send a bomb message on WhatsApp:

  • First download and install the application Text Repeater his. After that run the application. See the image display of the following text repeater application.
how to send bomb messages on whatsapp easily
  • If it has been opened, please enter the message you want to write in the column “Type Message Here”
  • Next, write down how many messages you want to repeat. On options How many times to repeat For example, see the following picture because this time I will send a message 1000 times.
how to send chat messages on whatsapp in large quantities at once
  • After that press by selecting Repeat. The message you just created will appear.
  • Then click copy and send. For example, you send via whatsapp or other.
send bomb messages with text repeater app
  • And as a result you managed to bomb your whatsapp contact friends with so many chat messages hehehe.

That’s how to prank friends with send bomb messages on whatsapp. And it would be nice if you think about the consequences too before doing it. Thank you for reading this article and good luck trying it.

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