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Easy Ways to Block Applications with Windows Firewall

Block applications by using windows firewall – You need to know about what a windows firewall is. The understanding of the windows firewall itself is one of the features provided by windows which serves to protect or protect the windows operating system. So if you disable the windows firewall this will make the computer more vulnerable to unauthorized access. With windows firewall we can also use to block an application.
The purpose of blocking an application from the firewall is if you have installed a program or application but at a certain time when you reopen the program or application you are asked to update. Usually the program updates automatically when you access the internet. Now to get rid of updates that always appear and can interfere with your comfort, you can do the settings by default, namely by using a firewall.

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And here are some steps that we can follow when blocking a program or application using the windows firewall:

The first step is to open the windows firewall using the control panel then select windows firewall then continue advanced settings.
open windows firewall

Can also use hotkeys by using the button windows + R then it will appear run box write it down wf.msc then ok/enter.

Run dialog box

Then click Inbound Rules(left window), then Click New Rule on the right side
windows firewall with advanced security

Next on the Inbound New Rule Wizard select Program-Next

Inbound Rules Wizard

Click Browse button
to browse the program to be blocked later click Next

from Wizard's rule

Window Select action Block Connection-then click Next.

Wizard's new login rules

In the profile window give check all

Inbound Rules Wizard
In the Name window, give new name and Click finish.

Then repeat the settings as above on the menu Outbound Rules.

Those are some easy steps on how to block applications using the windows firewall, hopefully this article is useful and thank you.