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Easy Way to Make 3D Profile Photo on Whatsapp

How to make whatsapp profile photo in 3D – The whatsapp application will look more attractive if you change a different profile photo than usual. If the profile photo on WhatsApp uses 2 dimensions it has become commonplace. It’s different if the profile photo on WhatsApp uses 3 dimensions. Then how to change the profile photo on whatsapp to 3 dimensions?. Because with a 3d profile photo on whatsapp it seems very interesting and will look different from other whatsapp users. And this of course will make your contact friends on WhatsApp curious too when they see it. And maybe they will ask you about how to make a profile photo in WA into 3d like your whatsapp profile photo. Especially if the one who sees your profile photo is a big fan of you, then it is guaranteed that he will chat with you. :’)
Well, if you’re already curious about how? So please follow the steps that you have to do below.

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Here’s how to make a profile photo on WhatsApp into 3D (3 dimensions):

  • First you have to prepare in advance the image or photo that you want to make 3D.
  • Next, please download the application PixelLab from google play store. And you can get this application for free.
how to make a profile photo on whatsapp into 3d
  • After you download and install the PixelLab application, then open the application and grant access to the application.
  • Click on the icon + and please select the photo that you have prepared from the gallery. For more details, see the screenshot below.
make profile photo in whatsapp into 3d with pixel lab application
  • The next step, please set the image or photo, you can crop the photo first or not, it’s also okay because it’s up to you okay. Then click the check button.
  • Continue photo editing by selecting 3D Rotate.
change 3d profile photo on whatsapp
  • Adjust the position axis with the x axis and y axis. If it is then select the check again.

whatsapp tips to make 3d profile photo on whatsapp
  • After that, continue again by selecting 3D Shapes and select enable to form its 3d form.
how to make whatsapp profile photo 3 dimensional
  • You set too depth color by shifting the x-axis. If you have clicked check again. You can see in the screenshot below.

whatsapp profile photo editing application to 3d

  • If the results are what you want, then save the image to the gallery by clicking the save icon. As in the image below.

easy way to make 3d whatsapp profile photo

  • The last step, please open the image in your gallery and now the 3D photo is ready to be used as a profile photo on whatsapp.

That’s how to make whatsapp profile photo 3d. Pretty easy isn’t it? And you can also edit your photos according to your creativity by using the Pixel Lab application earlier.
Okay, maybe that’s enough posting this article, hopefully it can be useful. And this article is useful for you, please share it with others so they can find out too. Thank you and good luck.

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