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Download Photos, Videos, Stories on Instagram without any application and without root

Instagram is an increasingly popular social networking application. Many features are always updated or updated by this application. One of them is the story feature or story. Where we can change the story background with various filters. But along with the updates that have been made by Instagram at this time. It seems that to download images or photos, videos, even download Instagram stories, in fact until now it has not been provided in the default features of this application. Septemberbe this is Instagram’s policy so that it cannot duplicate other users’ content.

Septemberbe the best solution or way for you right now is if you like a photo or image on Instagram, one way to save the photo is to take a screenshot, right?. Then how to bring up the download option in this application?. Because this seems to be the subject of questions for most people. If you use the Instagram application with a different version than usual then you will be able to see the download options available in this Instagram application, you can save photos, save videos or save Instagram stories in this application by simply selecting the download option. The solution to bring up the download option is that you have to use an application called GB Instagram. Where in this application is a modification of the official version of the Instagram application. This method is an alternative to using the Instagram application with a version that has more features than the official Instagram application.

Download Photo or Image

So in this option we just click the three dots at the top right. Then select the download option, so now you usually save images or photos with screenshots where the quality is not the same as the original. It would be nice to just download it. For more details, you can see the image below.

how to show photo download option on instagram

Download Videos

In the video you just specify the video to be downloaded then click the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then find the download option. You don’t need to download another application to download this video. For a more detailed view, you can also see the image below.

how to show download video option on instagram

The Instagram stories feature only lasts 24 hours. And after that, the video will automatically disappear or be deleted by itself, but if there comes a time when you want to get or download the story, now by using GB Instagram you don’t have to worry anymore, because you only have to choose the option to download it. As in the image below.

how to show download story option on instagram

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Translate and Copy/Copy Comments

If you like to follow or follow someone like the world’s top artist. Well, of course, there are a lot of users around the world who commented below. If you are confused about the meaning of these comments. You simply translate the comment by pressing and then holding down the comment and selecting the translate symbol. You can also copy the comments to the clipboard. As in the screenshot below.

translate or translate language in comments on instagram

Changing Chat/Direct Message Theme
To change the theme of your Instagram conversation, simply enter the menu profile. Then click on the top right three dots symbol. Then select gb settings then set it according to what you want on the menu appearance. And for more details about this method can be seen directly in the image below.

how to change the chat/direct message theme on instagram

The GB Instagram feature in addition to the above features also has a number of other interesting features. Like showing live video with sound without us having to tap the video while playing it. Can share or copy urls, can enlarge profile photos, can change chat themes, and many others. And to install GB Instagram, you have to look carefully at the method below.

How to Install the GB Instagram application

  • Download app GB Instagram on browser. no from playstore.
  • And if you want to use an account from the official version of Instagram. So first uninstall the official version of Instagram unless you use a different account or a new account.
  • Allow the device to install apk from unknown sources. By setting the settings – security – enable unknown sources.
  • After downloading, open and install GB Instagram as usual.
  • Open the installed application. Start logging in or login with your username and password.
Now you have successfully installed GB Instagram, so now you can download available photos, videos, and stories and can also customize the chat theme according to your taste.

That’s the post on this occasion about download photos, videos, stories on instagram without an application and without root. Hopefully it can be useful. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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