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Does Moonton's Dark System Exist in Mobile Legends?

Surely many of you are questioning, does Moonton’s dark system exist in Mobile Legends until now?

From the past until now, players still think that Moonton has a dark system in Mobile Legends.

Where this dark system appears when players have got a win streak, when they are on a losing streak and so on.

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The point is this dark system makes players who play rank will continue to experience defeat if they have won often before.

Now about that a question arose from the related players, is it true that there is a dark system in Mobile Legends?

No Dark System

Lose streak mobile legends

Is there a dark system in Mobile Legends? The answer is nothing at all, it’s just a common myth created by players.

Then why when the win streak runs out we will receive a prolonged losing streak? It’s just your feelings, actually the losing streak can be broken.

As long as you and your teammates are more compact, play as well as possible and don’t be pessimistic about this Moonton dark system myth.

Only pro players or top global rankers can reach their rank as high as possible and of course they don’t believe in a dark system like this.

Dark system Moonton
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Because we win or lose is determined by each of us, whether we have played correctly or not. Not determined by the Moonton system and it can’t be faulted.

So basically, according to SPIN Esports, the Moonton dark system doesn’t exist, it’s just an ordinary myth created by Mobile Legends players.

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