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Do These Tips So You Can Be Good First on the New Map of NexTerra Free Fire (FF)!

Do These Tips So You Can Be Good First on the New Map of NexTerra Free Fire (FF)!

Entering the fifth age of Free Fire (FF) in 2022, Free Fire celebrates by presenting various interesting new events and features in the game.

Right on August 20, 2022 yesterday, the new map, which is the sixth map in the Free Fire map list, is available and you can play.

We have discussed various leaks and information about the map in the previous article. Although we have discussed them one by one, it turns out that there is still a lot of information that you should know before really recognizing the map.

We provide some good tips for playing the NexTerra FF map, hopefully it can help you win the map with your playing partners!

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Tips to be good at Map NexTerra FF

Information about NexTerra has been presented since the Advance Server last July, and players certainly know a lot about the map. However, you will certainly need tips that you can apply when trying out a new map like the following:

Before you apply the gameplay of your game, whether it’s playing with friends or solo, you should first identify the map.

You can explore all parts of the map and look for the best spots for loot, war, shooting, and zones.

It is recommended that you do it in the early game and start taking action against the enemy in the mid game to late game.

  • Get to know the technical stuff about the new features

NexTerra was introduced with a variety of interesting new features, such as a teleport feature that you can use to rotate. Of course, those of you who can master this can become better at first than other players.

You can see the various new features on the map in the following article: 3 Cool Features You Must Try on the New Map of NexTerra Free Fire (FF)

  • Learn rotations, loot locations and zones

Each map will have a different character. However, rotation to location loot a lot of which are usually available in places that are crowded with players. You have to learn these things so you can use them when you need them later.

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Those are a series of tips that you can do before trying out the fifth Free Fire map, Spinners! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.