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Diluc Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Genshin Impact has released a lot of interesting Patches that you should try to find and try it for yourself. Especially for Diluc Genshin Impact Character Ascension Materials, you can collect them first. Moreover, this is for travelers who want the characters and when they are ready, we can just collect them first.

The presence of several good updates that appear in Genshin Impact is also quite interesting, because there are indeed many prizes. Also choose some good opportunities so that we can try, so that in the future we will understand all that is already there this time.

Moreover, some of the Updated Genshin Impact Character Lists that you must have, will be even more exciting to try them. Because some of the characters that have been released also have various strengths and are quite strong for you to use.

Then there is also the Diluc Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, so that you can immediately have a lot of preparation. Moreover, for all of this, travelers will be prepared with all of that and will not be confused at all about this in the future as well.

Diluc Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

A 5 Star Character by using Pyro’s Power, Diluc is one of the most Favorite parts even now. Especially for Diluc Genshin Impact Character Ascension Materials, you can collect them first so that you can use them immediately.

Diluc’s character is also very strong, even Claymore users who are classified as very different when you use them later. Giving great power to Pyro Attacks from strong Elemental Skills or Bursts like this does sound very interesting.

Of course those of you who upgrade it very well too, will definitely give out great power without any trouble at all. Moreover, if you can provide the right build, it will become stronger with one attack later.

Here are Diluc Character Ascension Materials that you can collect first:

Diluc Character Ascension Level Material:

  • Everflame Seed (From Pyro Regisvine): 46 Fruits
  • Agnidus Agate (Pyro): Sliver 1, Fragment 9, Chunk 9 and Gemstone 6
  • Small Lamp Grass: 168 Pieces
  • Recruit’s Insignia: 18
  • Sergeant’s Insignia: 30
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia: 36
  • Total Upgrade Ascension: 420,000 Mora
  • Book For Level Up: 419 Hero Wit
  • Total Mora for Level Up: 1,672,000 Mora

Talent Materials for Diluc:

  • Teaching Of Resistance: 9
  • Guide To Resistance: 63
  • Philosophies Of Resistance: 114
  • Recruit’s Insignia: 18 Items
  • Sergeant’s Insignia: 66 Items
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia: 93 Items
  • Crowns: 3 Pieces
  • Dvalin’s Plume: 18 Pieces (Dvalin Boss)
  • Total Mora Level Up Talent: 4,957,500

Being an Ascension Material that is indeed easy for us to find, because all of them do appear in the Mondstadt Region. As the right choice and you have to find it won’t take long, because it’s already at the residence of the character as well.

Diluc Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Even Diluc himself is the owner of a fairly popular Wine company, has a younger brother named Kaeya. Elegant appearance and a former Knight of Favonius, so one of the most popular characters for Travelers that you really have to see right now.

Diluc’s Business and Business for Wine is already very popular, but there are also people who hate this kind of thing. You must know the character of Diona the Cat, has a grudge against drinks like that and you can immediately find out too.

You also have to know the Diluc Genshin Impact Character Build, so that it becomes even stronger and cooler when competing later. If it’s like that, then the strength of this character will become even more barbaric and quite deadly with the skill later.

After knowing Diluc Genshin Impact’s Character Ascension Material, you should know all this by now very well. So that later you won’t be confused by that, won’t be confused anymore and can immediately raise it if you already have it.

Also complete with Genshin Impact’s Updated Weapon Options right now, so that you will soon have good strength. Of course you will have your own choice, if you want to use a weapon that is suitable for Diluc’s character later to become stronger.