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Dendroculus Genshin Impact Location

Genshin Impact has many good updates that a traveler should explore in the game later. Then you can see the Location of Dendroculus Genshin Impact, collect all of this with enthusiasm to raise the Seven Statue. Because it’s an important thing that you have to find, along with the location that has appeared right now.

Various new things that appear in Genshin Impact, you have to try it directly and can feel it directly in the game. Because there are still many new things for you to explore well, so something like this is indeed quite impressive for us to try too.

Moreover, the presence of the New Sumeru Genshin Impact Map, we finally know a lot of things about Wisdom. Because indeed the leader of the Region is Archon Dendro, has a relationship with Wisdom and very high knowledge.

Then you also know the location of Dendroculus Genshin Impact, because that is really needed by travelers now. Must be able to collect all of that right now, so that you guys can raise the level of the statue of seven Dendro in the Sumeru Region.

Location of Dendroculus Genshin Impact

Dendroculus is an item that Travelers can collect to upgrade the Seven Dendro Statue. This is widespread in the Sumeru Region, both Green Forest and Desert Locations, of course, these locations have quite accurate places.

There are even some places that you really have to pay attention to, because the location of Dendroculus is present on a quest. For example, if you are running a World Quest or an Archon Quest, you can immediately take it or not.

For the Sumeru Green Forest area, there are already a lot, not counting the desert area. Because the two places have different and varied locations, so we can collect them very easily.

Here are the Dendroculus Genshin Impact Locations that you can collect right now and it won’t be difficult at all:

Sumeru Rain Forest & Sumeru City Locations:

Location of Dendroculus Genshin Impact

Seeing the position of the Dendroculus Genshin Impact Location, you will immediately understand and look for it. Remember if you see a symbol like the triangle picture, it is in an underground cave so you have to explore it first.

Only a few of the Dendroculus that you will receive from this location are indeed many, in fact the total is 271. For the first Sumeru Region, you will only get a total of up to 110 pieces.

However, for the Sumeru Desert or Desert Region it will be coming soon. Immediately, we collect the Rain Forest and Sumeru City versions first, then we will immediately proceed to the next stage in the Sumeru Desert.

Directly upgrade the Seven Dendro Statue that you have tried to see, it will be even more exciting to feel it. Because doing this will add a lot of prizes too, when you have managed to raise it according to the required Dendroculus.

After knowing the location of Dendroculus Genshin Impact, there are indeed a lot of them and we have to collect them all. It will be even more exciting, because this quest will add more to your adventures on the Sumeru Map, either Rain Forest or Desert Area.

Then explore the place with these many Genshin Impact Characters, it certainly makes you curious what their strengths are. It will immediately help travelers, so they can do it well without any confusion at all when you have done it.