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Create Your Folder Icon In Windows With Attractive Images

how to change folder icon on computer or laptop

Make computer folder icons look attractive on windows – If you use windows you can customize the folder icon according to the appearance you want. So that the display image on the folder icon will look more attractive.
So how do you create a folder icon on a computer on Windows? This method is arguably very easy to do. You can start adjusting where the folder you want to change or replace then open the properties window. After that then click on the change icon button at the bottom of the customize tab. But if you want to change it to a certain icon image, then Windows does not provide some of these images. Because the icons in windows are limited in number. So, to make a certain image, you have to prepare an image with a format ICO

If you have difficulty making it yourself, you can search and download it through the website

change folder icon via iconarchive

You need to know too, before you download it
you have to choose an icon image that is available with the format ICO. After that is selected then you can start to download it.

icon image in ico format

If you have prepared the image in ico format, then the steps to change the folder icon are as follows:

  • The first step, you must first select or specify the folder to replace the icon, then right click then select and click properties.
  • Then you click on the tab customize. After that then select change icons.
  • To choose an icon image available in Windows, you can directly see it in the icon list section. For more details, see the following image.
change the folder icon image in windows
  • To replace it specifically you click browser then select the location of the image that you saved or the one that was downloaded earlier in the ico image format. Click open on the picture then okafter that click apply and then click ok again. For more details about this step you can see in the following image.
change the computer folder icon to make it more attractive

In addition to changing the icon in the folder, this way you can also change or change the application icon on the computer desktop.

Okay, maybe that’s all the article posting on this occasion is about how to make a folder icon in windows with an attractive image. Hopefully it can increase your knowledge in computer science. Thanks and good luck trying it.

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