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Counter Hero Atlas Mobile Legends, Must Pick This Mobile Legends Hero!

Counter Hero Atlas Mobile Legends, Must Pick This Mobile Legends Hero!

Atlas has become one of the roamer heroes that is very often used in tournaments. This is due to a recent update that allows Atlas to have a Frozen effect with his passive.

You could say this effect is similar to the passive effect of the Aurora hero in Mobile Legends. This makes it easier for Atlas to do Ultimate because the opponent will certainly be exposed to Frozen before being hit by Fatal Link from Atlas.

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Because of this strength Atlas is a frightening specter and you must counter with this one hero.

The Most Effective Hero Counter Atlas

Hero counter mobile legends
Photo via DeviantArt

One hero who can counter hero is none other than Diggie. Diggie is a Support hero who has a good Ultimate where he can provide protection to his colleagues around him against the effects of CC.

Ultimate Atlas is a CC that Diggie can counter, Diggie like other heroes just can’t purify the Suppress effect. This makes him very capable of countering Atlas heroes.

Moreover, the latest Diggie damage is very painful and can be spammed quite a lot, this makes it a damage support in the current meta.

He can also put his Time Bomb in the bush to avoid Atlas to setup a Flicker Fatal Link that can result in victory for the opponent.

So, if your opponent picks Atlas, you can counter this one hero by using Diggie as a roamer. In addition to the Diggie counter, it is also often used as support to accompany Goldlaner so that it becomes fast and avoids Gank.

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