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Come on, take a peek at what's happening on Peak Day 5th Anniversary Free Fire (FF) Tomorrow!

Come on, take a peek at what’s going on on Peak Day 5th Free Fire (FF) Anniversary Tomorrow!

5th Free Fire (FF) Anniversary, you could say, may be the longest event in 2022. How not, Garena itself brings a series of special interesting content ideas for Free Fire’s anniversary this year.

Starting from the latest fonts and logos, displaying in-game features, new maps, to endless collaborations, this event in August 2022 lasts quite a long time.

However, it doesn’t feel like akita will soon enter the first phase of the event being held. Since its release at the beginning of last month, now the event will enter its first Peak Day.

Where, everything will take place tomorrow, August 20, 2022. That means, tomorrow there will be lots of free events and prizes that you can get.

Want to know what’s going on on the first Peak Day 5th Tomorrow’s Free Fire (FF) Anniversary, let’s see the following information, Spinners!

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Peak Day 5th Free Fire Anniversary (FF)

Free Fire 5th Anniversary Event Calendar

Coinciding with Peak Day 1 of Free Fire’s anniversary event, Free Fore Free Fire will officially present a new Map called NeXTerra, which is expected to have special missions and attractive prizes in it.

You can check further information about the map in the following article: When will the new NexTerra FF map be released on the Indonesian server, check the info here!

As usual, the Peak Day of an event will give players an unusual gift. What we can confirm is that you can claim 5 free Incubator Vouchers in a special login mission at tomorrow’s Peak Day event.

  • Premium Store Special Interface Opened

Previously we have discussed some attractive prizes such as bundles and emotes that you can get in the Special Interface. You can claim rewards with the Amethyst Pentagon Token that can be owned through the existing missions.

One of the other missions in the Special Interface event this time is Map Capsule. This mission rewards players with Gloo Wall Binary Calls by completing missions.

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That’s important information about the Anniversary event held by Free Fire. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.