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Chou in Mobile Legends Gets Nerf Again, So You Can't Freestyle!

Even though he got a nerf some time ago, Chou still exists in Mobile Legends.

The reason is, the hero is one of the flexible heroes so that he often gets the title as an anti-META hero.

Chou himself is often used as a roamer, explaner and even a goldlaner because he has very deadly damage.

Unfortunately, the hero will again soon get a nerf and of course this is bad news for you Chou users in Mobile Legends.

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So you can’t freestyle

Chou is finally confirmed to be getting the latest nerf which will make him a little weaker.

The reason is, he certainly will not be able to do freestyle on the upcoming patch update.

Therefore, here are the possible nerfs that Chou will soon receive in the Land of Dawn.


  • Now Chou’s ultimate can’t be tapped after doing a combo

The nerf will certainly slightly affect Chou’s gameplay, which certainly will not be free to maximize his ultimate.

In addition, the nerf is also certain to make him unable to freestyle as usual to attack the opponent’s mentality.

So, that’s the nerf that the Cadia Riverland hero will soon receive in the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.

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