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Cheap Android Smartphone With 6GB RAM and Fast Charging

Smartphones are no longer a luxury item anymore. Almost mobile phone users in Indonesia use Android-based phones. So it is not uncommon for smartphone brands to compete to make smartphones with various types and specifications. Ranging from low prices to high prices. Because opportunities like this are used by smartphone vendors to gain popularity.

In Indonesia, currently smartphones with
RAM 6GB has started to appear in the market a lot. However, in terms of price, it is still quite expensive, which is around 5 million and above. Sometimes when you buy a smartphone at that price, someone is still thinking about the price.
But for those of you who are curious to have 6GB RAM smartphone and also want to feel how sophisticated the smartphone is but at a relatively cheaper price?. Now, the vendor from China with his newest cellphone, namely infinix zero 5 is officially present in Indonesia. The price is only 3 million, quite cheap for a smartphone with 6 RAM GB. The following is a review of the Infinix Zero 5 smartphone specifications.

Infinix Zero 5 is now available in Indonesia with stunning specifications. You can use this phone with 6GB RAM. With a luxurious metal body that curves at every corner. Because this infinix phone is made with diamond cutting edge technology. This infinix zero 5 smartphone includes a smartphone with fast charging. So it is quite fast in terms of battery charging. So with the fast charging feature on this smartphone, you will be more satisfied when using it.

For photography lovers

Cheap smartphone with 6GB RAM and fast charging

This phone also boasts the ability of front and rear cameras. With the support of dual 12 MP and 13 MP rear cameras as well as a refocus feature to adjust the bokeh effect and also equipped with a professional mode for clearer photos. It also has a digital zoom of up to 10x. While for the selfie camera or front camera, this phone is equipped with a 16MP camera with LED flash. Dthat way the front camera can create a cool bokeh effect. Of course, this smartphone is suitable for those of you who like selfies.

Large storage space

This smartphone has a large storage capacity of 64 GB and 128 GB for internal. And for external memory with the help of micro SD up to 128GB. That way you don’t have to worry about running out of memory with the space you have on this phone.

For GAME lovers

infinix zero 5 smartphone with 6GB RAM and supports Fast charging

For performance, this Infinix Zero 5 smartphone has a Mediatek Helio Octa Core 2.6GHz processor. It is guaranteed that all activities related to the game will be smooth so that all your tasks can run without a hitch. With 4G support that has passed the 30% TKDN regulation, this phone is guaranteed to be anti-lag when used to play games and also stream YouTube videos.

Battery Save and fast recharge.

Smartphone with 6 GB RAM and fast charging at an affordable price

Infinix Zero 5 has a battery capacity of 4350 mAh. So that users will be more effective in using this phone for daily activities without running out of battery. And this smartphone supports fast charging technology. By charging 10 minutes to get 230 minutes of calls and 800 minutes of listening to music,’ said Marcia Sun, SEA Regional Head of Infinix Mobile in Jakarta, Thursday (25/1).

How are you interested in Infinix zero 5? You can have it for only IDR 3.5 million which is quite cheap in its class. So you can save your AB (budget).

Okay, maybe that’s all the post on this occasion is about cheap android smartphone with 6GB RAM and fast charging. Hopefully the above information can be useful. That is all and thank you.

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