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Celebrate Independence Day, Mobile Legends Shares Many Free Skins!

Welcoming Indonesia’s 77th independence day, interestingly Moonton will share many Mobile Legends skins for free.

This is of course to enliven the routine activities that are always celebrated by the people of Indonesia on August 17 every year.

Starting from elite, special to epic skins, Moonton will share it for free for you loyal fans of Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

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Just Send Independence Greetings

To be able to get these various skins, you only need to give a speech of independence and hope for Indonesia.

This is of course very easy because it can be done by anyone, whenever and wherever you are.

Therefore, here are the procedures to be able to get lots of free skins from Mobile Legends.

  1. Send a greeting of independence or hope for Indonesia in this post column
  2. Include 3 skin choices you want (one will be selected)
  3. Don’t forget to tag 3 friends and write your ID + Server. Example: My 77th Merdeka Indonesia, rise up and [email protected] @temanMLBB2 @temanMLBB3 // ID + Server // Elite 1 Skin, Special Skin 1, Epic Skin 1

The announcement itself will certainly be made in the near future, but of course you still have the opportunity to take part in the contest.

So, that’s the newest way to get lots of skins from Mobile Legends that you need to try, Spinners!

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