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Calm Valorant Team, There's a Tier 2 Valorant Challengers Ecosystem That Can Promote To VCT!

Calm Valorant Team, There’s a Tier 2 Valorant Challengers Ecosystem That Can Promote To VCT!

Finally, after a few months since the announcement of the Valorant partnership and franchise for 2023, we have been given the answer to what will happen in Valorant Esports in the future.

Riot Games has finally revealed its expansive plans for the tier two system of the VALORANT Champions Tour starting in 2023, including a legitimate path to tier one.

The global tier two system will be known as Challengers and will consist of 21 regional circuits different all over America, EMEA and APAC. This will include circuits for North America, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and several others.

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Domestic League VCT
Via: Riot Games

Challengers League will start with open qualification and the best teams will play in two regular season split matches lasting several weeks. This system is still the same and is similar to the Challengers format that takes place in 2022.

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Teams competing in the Valorant Challengers league will have the opportunity each year to earn a place in the international tier one league. The best teams from the respective region’s Challengers will advance to the tournament Challengers Ascension, one for each of the three international regions (America, EMEA, and Asia). The winner of the Challengers Ascension will qualify for the international league the following year.

VCT Domestic League Challengers Calendar
Via: Riot Games

Winning team Challengers Ascension will get two-year promotion to the region’s international league they. Promoted teams will receive the same league benefits and have the same chance of qualifying for international events as Masters and Champions. After two years, the team will return to the Challengers league them and had to qualify for the international league again via Challengers and Ascension.

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