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BTR No Change Predicted to Fail Mobile Legends (ML) Playoff

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has entered its fourth week. There have been many exciting matches at MPL ID this time. The following is BTR No Change Predicted to Fail Mobile Legends (ML) Playoff.

After several matches played by Bigetron Alpha for almost 4 weeks of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament taking place, it is considered that there are no changes made by the team. where they currently only occupy the bottom of the standings.

Many of the Mobile Legends player figures also predict that the Bigetron Alpha team will not qualify for the playoffs later. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

BTR No Change Predicted to Fail Mobile Legends Playoff (ML)

This time, Bigetron Alpha, after the third week, only placed 7th in the regular season standings of MPL Indonesia Season 10. Of course, this position could be said to have prevented the team from qualifying for the playoffs later. This time Jonathan Liandi, Antimage and KB also predict that they will not qualify for the Playoffs.

“I’m waiting for BTR to evolve, it has to be, let’s say it’s stagnant, which means I have a feeling that he (BTR) and Geek Fam (did not qualify for the playoffs).” Say KB

“If I’m BTR RBL, it’s still the same”. Speaks Antimage

“The BTR cave is the same between geeks and RBl, the BTR cave is still RBL.” Answer Jo

According to the three of them, KB, Antimage and Jo, they all answered that the teams that did not qualify were BTR, RBL and Geek Fam. we can see that all of them chose the Bigetron Alpha team this time because if we look at some foreign players and coaches from the Philippines, they still haven’t made the team rise this time.

That’s the explanation of BTR Alpha which is predicted not to qualify for the MPL ID Season 10 playoffs after there are no changes. What do you think about the responses from these Mobile Legends player figures?