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BTR ACE Too Soon Week 3 PMVB Season 1 PUBG Mobile

The AE Dione team managed to top the PMVB Season 1 League. The PUBG Mobile AE team itself in the 3rd week performed brilliantly and dominated the other teams. Unlike the case with the rival Bigetron ACE, who appeared Under Perform on Week 3 a few days ago.

PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) Season 1 will be rolling from 27 September to 19 September 2022. This is the latest ladies tournament season after the PUBG Mobile tournament for ladies has been absent for the past few seasons.

Interestingly PMVB Season 1 has implemented a competitive match format as implemented in 2022 PMPL ID Spring yesterday. That way the three weeks of the PMVB Season 1 league round will be filled with increasingly competitive matches between the participating teams.

In one week the league round will be held three match days. A total of 18 rounds took place in the three matchdays. The new point system implemented in the PMVB Season 1 competition makes each team have to play consistently every week. That’s because every week there will be bonus points that will be given according to the final position of each team in the weekly standings.

BTR ACE Too Soon Week 3 PMVB Season 1 PUBG Mobile

The Bigetron ACE team in 3 match days in Week 3 did not show their performance as in Week 2. Bigetron ACE itself had to go down to 3rd place and only managed to get 85 points.

The performance of BTR ACE has indeed been Too Soon several times this week. Although it can be said that BTR ACE itself has saved points to be able to advance to the Grand Finals later, but of course it looks surprising because BTR ACE sank in Week 3.

In Weekly Standing Week 3 BTR only perched in 10th place with a total of 85 points and only got 36 elimination points from 14 rounds.

Unlike the case like in week 2, they dominated by successfully earning 250 points with 117 eliminations and 6 times WWCD. Babyla and her friends performed optimally in the 2nd week after previously being taunted by rival AE Dione who managed to be at the top of the Overall Standing in week 1.

That’s an explanation of the Bigetron Ace team which often appears too soon on the 3rd week of PMVB Season 1 this time. So will their performance even shine again in the Grand Finals match later? Let’s just wait for their action this weekend on September 24 to 26, 2022. Alter Ego Dione, ONIC Ax and Bigetron ACE or even other teams will win the PMVB Season this time.