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BTK Player Will Play For MPL ID Mobile Legends (ML) Team?

During week 1 of MPL ID Season 10 yesterday, Indonesia had an American team, BTK. This time, they watched the MPL ID tournament at the MPL Arena. Many questions arise, one of which is whether the BTK Player will play for the MPL ID Mobile Legends (ML) Team?

Three players from BTK or BloodThirstyKings namely Mobazane, Victor and FWFDCHICKEN they will come to Indonesia this time. BTK itself has indeed become one of the dark horses for the M3 World Championship some time ago.

The players themselves are also quite close to players from Indonesia, so many also assume that they will play later for the Indonesian team. Of course, it is also interesting to discuss this time, see the following article.

BTK Player Will Play For MPL ID Mobile Legends (ML) Team?

The three BTK players did come to Indonesia as guests to attend the MPL ID Season 10 tournament. And it is possible that later they will join the MPL Indonesia team.

Like this time, KB also explained the possibility through his personal YouTube Channel.

According to KB, what the BTK player did could be said to be collaborating with Indonesian players who want to know the language and culture in Indonesia so as to avoid Shock Culture.

That’s an explanation of how BTK Player can play on the Indonesian MPL team. What do you think about that?