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Branz Performs Well in Evos, Rises MPL Mobile Legends (ML)?

The second week of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament will be held soon. Of course, each of them has seen the performance they provide this time. But is Branz Performing Well in Evos, Rising MPL Mobile Legends (ML)?

Branz is currently playing for Evos Icon at MDl. As a veteran for Mobile Legends players, Branz himself is not at the MDL level.

With a pretty good performance from Branz, will he later be promoted to play in Evos Legends? Of course it becomes quite interesting to discuss this time.

Branz Performs Well in Evos, Rises MPL Mobile Legends (ML)?

Previously on the official account from Evos Esports, they had announced the transfer of players from MPL to MDL, namely Bajan and Ferxiic replacing Dreams and Sutsujin because maybe their performance at MDL was good enough so that they rose in the rankings in MDL. But will Branz eventually catch up with Dreams and Sutsujin to play in MPL?

This might happen if the performance of Branz himself during the MDL will be even more brilliant during the performance. because indeed Branz himself has been praised by some fans and from former Evos players even though King Branz who plays as a Gold laner is enough to show his class against other MDL teams.

That’s an explanation of whether in the future with a good performance from Branz will be promoted to MPL. What do you think about this, is it possible that this will happen in the future?