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Besides Revamp, Hanabi Also Gets New Epic Skin Like This!

Hanabi will finally get revamp on the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.

This of course will make him guaranteed to be stronger than the current Hanabi.

In addition, interestingly he will also get a new epic skin which of course makes Hanabi cooler in Mobile Legends.

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Have a Very Cool Look

Hanabi Revamp
Photo via Mobile Legends Update

After being confirmed to get a revamp, Hanabi is also certain to get the latest epic skin.

Currently it is in the survey stage and now has three skin candidates that will be made for Hanabi.

The first Hanabi skin has a theme Mirror of water and moon who briefly looks like a moon goddess.

In the second skin, Hanabi is described as a bounty hunter who is quite scary and at first glance describes himself as a ninja.

For the last skin, the hero has the appearance of a DJ with sparkling colors on his body.

When Will It Be Released?

Hanabi Collector

Unfortunately, the skin is currently still in the survey stage and it is not certain when one of the skins above will be released in Mobile Legends.

However, it is very likely that the skin will be released a few months after the revamp that Hanabi got.

Of course, it’s interesting to wait for what epic skin the female ninja hero will get in Mobile Legends.

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