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Bad News, in the future Winrate Classic can't be used in Rank Mobile Legends!

Bad News, in the future Winrate Classic can’t be used in Rank Mobile Legends!

For those of you who often play Classic to increase the winrate to use in Mobile Legends rank, you must worry.

In the future, the latest Mobile Legends update will no longer be able to be used. This can be seen in the recent leaked update on the advanced server.

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So what will WINrate Classic Mobile Legends be like?

Winrate Classic
source: ig @mobilelegendsfyi

So, in the future the winrate will be separated so that when you play rank, only the winrate you get when playing rank will be listed.

For example, you use Thamuz 100 times in all matches with a win rate of 60%. But your winrate is only 50% ranked for 50 games.

Of course later you can only show your Mobile Legends rank game winrate when playing later.

This can be said to reduce the possibility of a Classic jockey to increase the rank that is widely spread.

Indeed, Classic is usually also used by players to increase rank because it is considered easier especially if it is a party. Because of course the Classic hero can be chosen at will and can focus on playing certain heroes.

However, we remind you that this is still only being implemented on the advanced server, there may be changes or you can only enjoy it on the original server in the next update (possibly in September 2022 along with the NEXT project).

What if you see something like this yourself? Agree or not?

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