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AURA Tezet Responds to Ko Lius Mobile Legends (ML) Statement – ​​Esportsku

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has entered its fourth week. Many things happened during the 4 weeks of the MPL ID Season 10 regular season this time. Here is AURA Tezet Responding to Ko Lius Mobile Legends (ML) Statement

MPL ID Season 10 this time, there were quite a few things that were quite surprising with several teams that managed to win the match.

This time, AURA’s Coach, Tezet, responded to Ko Lius’ statement. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

AURA Tezet Responds to Ko Lius Mobile Legends (ML) Statement

Through his personal Instagram account auratezet, this time he gave a response regarding the statements issued by Ko Lius regarding the criticism of players from each team. Where previously Ko Lius gave his response regarding the criticism.

“If you make a team, the first lesson is to accept criticism, it’s impossible for us not to accept criticism, the problem is that there are some streamers who lead opinions so that netizens get caught wrong and it’s the player who becomes the victim. That’s why in the media, I only remind you. Please be wiser to say something.”

According to the Coach from AURA Fire, Tezet himself, he considers that by accepting the criticism, indeed, all those involved in the team must accept criticism, but the problem is from the streamers who lead opinions that make the wrong catch from netizens. He felt sorry for the players as a result of this and asked to be wiser.

That’s the explanation from AURA Tezet to respond to Ko Lius regarding the criticism. Do you think you agree with what Tezet said?