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AURA Team Uses Natalia Jungler MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

In the second week of MPL ID Season 10, something new happened in the tournament. Of course, in the second week this time there were some quite exciting matches to be competed. Like this time, the AURA Team uses Natalia Jungler MPL Mobile Legends (ML).

Natalia has been used in MPL PH some time ago by the Philippine team, Blacklist International. Because indeed Mobile Legends itself has presented the latest patch notes for Natalia.

This time, the Indonesian team, AURA Fire, used Natalia’s hero this time, with the pick being the first for the Indonesian MPL team to use the meta. Of course, it is interesting for us to discuss this time, consider the following.

AURA Team Use Natalia Jungler MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

In the second game for the match from AURA Fire against ONIC Esports, this time the AURA team secured the pick of Natalia’s hero as a jungler. They also managed to win the game and secure the second game.

Although in the end the AURA Fire team itself had to be content to admit the superiority of the ONIC Esports team with a final score of 2-1, of course, this became an anticlimactic for the AURA Fire team. The revenge mission for the events of the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs must fail this time.

That’s the explanation about Natalia jungler this time used by the AURA Fire team against ONIC Esports. What do you think about that?