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AURA Fails to Revenge ONIC MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has entered its second week. Of course, in the second week this time there were some quite exciting matches to be competed. This time AURA Failed to Revenge ONIC MPL Mobile Legends (ML).

Entering the second week of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament, this time there was a revenge match between AURA and ONIC. Brilliant action is certainly present to give the best for the team that shows their professional skills.

However, the AURA Fire team failed to fulfill the match against the ONIC Esports team this time. Of course, the match did present the professional skills of each player, of course, see the following.

AURA Fails to Revenge ONIC MPL Mobile Legends (ML)

The opening match for the second week of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time, the AURA Fire team had to admit their defeat to the ONIC Esports team with a final score of 2-1.

Game 1

This is the first game, the ONIC Esports team managed to get their first point after defeating AURA Fire. The ONIC team was quite dominating and this time SamoHT managed to get MVP using Franco’s hero.

Games 2

Unlike the first game, the AURA Fire team was able to take revenge by defeating the ONIC Esports team. This time Kabuki re-emerged as MVP for the AURA Fire team with the hero Marksman Beatrix.

Games 3

The determination of the winner between the two teams this time was obtained by ONIC Esports, although they had to be quite under pressure at the beginning of the game, they could turn things around with a straight push. Butsss this time appeared as MVP in the game with the hero Phoveus which he managed to save.

That’s the explanation of the ONIC Esports team’s victory over the AURA Fire team, the dragon this time did not succeed in avenging the Yellow Hedgehog.