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Are you sure you don't want to pick Faramis? Here are the most amazing advantages of Faramis MLBB

Faramis bad hero? Are you sure you don’t want to use it? You must know the advantages of the most amazing Faramis MLBB below.

Many think that Faramis is still a useless support hero in Mobile Legends even though it was revamped some time ago.

But in fact this one support hero is the best support in Mobile Legends for now because it has amazing abilities, especially from its ultimate.

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Now about this, the following are the advantages of Faramis that you should know so that you realize that this one hero is really very op and deserves to be picked.

Ultimate is Very Helpful

Faramis counter
Photo via Twitter

In the past, Faramis’ ultimate could only help resurrect all teammates who were killed in his skill area.

Now ultimate Faramis can give 1 bar of HP layers to all heroes of a team in Faramis’ ultimate skill area.

Which of course makes your team very superior when the team fight takes place, you feel like you have 2 lives during a war.

Faramis ML

Of course, this also makes it difficult for opposing players to beat you who are helped by the ultimate Faramis.

Those are the advantages and reasons why you have to pick Faramis when playing rank in Mobile Legends Bang: Bang aka MLBB.

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