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Arcadia's Tasks in Team RRQ Hoshi Mobile Legends (ML)

Entering the second week of MPL ID Season 10 this time, many teams have made their latest changes to the roster. Like many transfers and coach selections, here are Arcadia’s Tasks on the RRQ Hoshi Mobile Legends (ML) Team

This time Arcadia has been officially announced by MPL to be the coach of the RRQ Hoshi team. Of course, this makes the RRQ team get their newest addition of ammunition for their strategy.

This time Arcadia explained his duties to the RRQ Hoshi team in MPL ID Season 10. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the explanation below in the article below.

Arcadia’s Tasks in the RRQ Hoshi Mobile Legends (ML) Team

Through the official YouTube channel from Team RRQ, this time there is an interview with RRQ Arcadia about anything about him and one of them is his assignment in the RRQ Hoshi team this time.

“Technically I will be one of the coaches for the RRQ team, I will be the technical coach, I will focus on rotation, playing patterns and strengthening the identity of the game from RRQ itself.”

Later, Arcadia will cooperate with RRQ Fiel and RRQ Acil for RRQ Hoshi of course. Because the goal of the team is to be able to get achievements outside of MPL ID.

That’s Arcadia’s explanation of his duties in the RRQ Hoshi team this time. What do you think about that?