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Applications to speed up android performance make your phone damaged

Applications to speed up android performance – Do you believe downloading applications to speed up Android can actually damage your smartphone???

All smartphone users want their smartphone to run smoothly and quickly in running several applications. Adding display performance and increasing smartphone intelligence, of course, the first goal is to download various application software that can improve the performance of the Android system, right?

app to speed up phone performance

However, Android has limitations in storage and battery life. If you want to know, downloading applications to speed up Android actually causes the performance of your smartphone to become slower. So that it affects other components such as the battery will decrease faster and eventually your battery will be wasteful. This is due to the limited RAM, for example 1GB.

There are so many applications that are scattered in the app store such as Smart Booster, Cleaner, CC Cleaner, Clean Master and others.

This problem often arises on smartphones with small RAM capacities such as 1GB capacity, it is recommended not to use this application even if the background has been turned off because it still consumes memory.

However, if you use a smartphone with a RAM capacity of more than 1GB, for example, using a RAM with a capacity of 2GB, it is advisable not to use this kind of application because the processor is working (QUAD CORE) is much better than DUAL CORE or this 1GB RAM.

The main cause of smartphone damage from this application is forcing your cellphone components to continuously work optimally but your cellphone cannot be forced to work optimally because your Android system also has limitations.

So, don’t install too many applications with the aim of speeding up Android performance because this application will make the performance of your processor slower. What a tip that might be useful for you to reduce your smartphone slow / slow is to delete cache files that are not useful / in the form of unused garbage, therefore we need to delete them.

Here are some steps you need to take are:

for example this time I use a Samsung phone you can enter settings menu

Applications to speed up android performance make your phone damaged

select menu storage

storage space before deleting app data

Click on menu data saved data then there are options clear all app data

then click OK.

The capacity before it was deleted was 1.41GB..and there was a cached data of about 0.89GB. Please delete the cache in the menu of saved data, it will be like this after deleting

storage space after deleting application data

Now see how the available capacity compares after deletion, it’s easy enough, how. Instead of you having to install an application which of course can later slow down your phone, therefore use other ways so that your phone is not slow/slow in operation. Okay, maybe that’s it for posting this article about an application to speed up android performance, damage the phone.
thank you for visiting hopefully useful..

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