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Apart from Akai and Ling, this is the Strong Jungler Hero at the Current Mythic Rank!

Apart from Akai and Ling, this is the Strong Jungler Hero at the Current Mythic Rank!

It is undeniable that the two heroes mentioned, Akai and Ling, are favorite picks for mythic players. In addition to being strong in terms of heroes, these two heroes are indeed the mainstay of players for push rank because skill is very fun.

Akai with the last revamp change that made him no longer just a roamer but a deadly jungler. Even though Ling is in nerf, his damage is still insane with a large critical chance.

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But don’t forget this one hero who also turns out to be a mainstay because of his deadly damage when played as a jungler.

Current Strong Jungler Hero Apart from Akai and Ling

Hero auto win mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

The hero is Paquito. This hero is still a mainstay to fill the explaner. But some also use it as a jungler because it is proven to have deadly damage.

When the stack is full the Jab (Skill 2) given to the opponent will be very deadly. With two jabs, it is certain that thin heroes like Mage and Marksman can be killed.

With a little stack it also makes it easier for this hero to farm. No wonder this hero is back in demand as a jungler.

A strong offensive makes this hero prefer to do damage rather than just as a body resistance in the explaner.

The strength of the hero is proven by the number of picks against this hero at Mythic rank. He was in 6th place overall and only lost to Akai and Ling.

Strong Jungler Hero
sources; Mobile Legends Rank

He proved to be selling well in this patch by pocketing a 2.8% pick rate and only slightly at odds with other jungler heroes who have a 3% pick rate.

So, if the opponent has picked the jungler heroes above or has lost because he was banned. Don’t hesitate to pick this one hero, besides being flexible, this hero is indeed proven to be strong in the current patch.

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