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Answer RRQ Banana Replaces R7 Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament will enter its fourth week of matches. In this fourth week there is an exciting match that is present at MPL ID Season 10. Here’s RRQ Banana’s Answer to Replace R7 Mobile Legends (ML)

This time in the fourth week of MPL ID Season 10, this time the RRQ Hoshi team fought AURA Fire. And this time Banana, who had just been promoted to MPL, will be in the starting lineup.

The following is the answer from RRQ Banana regarding he will replace the R7. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following explanation.

Answer RRQ Banana Replace R7 Mobile Legends (ML)

The match in the fourth week of the second day of MPL Indonesia Season 10 brought together RRQ Hoshi and AURA Fire. The match was also an exciting meeting between the two teams this time. This time RRQ Banana was revealed as the starting lineup, this time he gave his response to replace R7.

“(Any concerns filling R7’s position?) If you’re worried, it’s not just a little nervous, it’s just nice to be able to replace it.”

According to RRQ Banana, this time he thought that he was not worried about filling in the position of R7 as an Explaner for RRQ Hoshi this time. Although he was quite nervous about this, he was still happy to be able to replace the role of R7.

That’s the explanation from RRQ Banana regarding him will replace the position of R7 this time. what do you think about what RRQ Banana said?