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Android phone too hot? Here's How To Cool It Down

How to deal with android that experiences excessive heat when used – The thing that can make us shake our heads when we are using a smartphone is if the smartphone feels excessive heat or it can also be said overheating. Incidents like this will certainly make us feel uncomfortable while using it. Usually when something like that happens it can make our smartphone battery more wasteful. And even more so if the heat is too high the possibility can be fatal to the performance of the phone.

If you have ever experienced an incident where the smartphone you are using experiences excessive heat. Usually this is due to the application or because of situations or conditions that are not recommended. Well, if the smartphone often feels hot when used, then knowing how to cool the smartphone is a must for its users.

And before dealing with a smartphone that feels hot when used, the first step we must know is where the heat generated by the smartphone comes from. So after knowing the cause of the heat on the smartphone, this will determine where the problems arise so that it will help us find the right solution to handle it.

And luckily on this occasion I will share Tips for dealing with an overheated Android smartphone. With these tips, it might be useful for you so that your smartphone does not heat up quickly. And here is the review for you.

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1. Do not use third-party chargers and cables

Tips for dealing with an overheated Android smartphone

Usually when you’re not carrying the original charger used to charge your smartphone, most users will charge it without paying attention to the charger cable they use. And usually charging smartphones using a micro usb charger cable that is commonly used together, is an alternative way that is usually done so that the smartphone battery can be charged and not lowbat. Well, if your smartphone quickly heats up, it’s likely that this is because of something like this.

Each charger has a different wattage and is optimized for use with different phones. You can of course pay attention to this so that your smartphone doesn’t heat up quickly and also avoids poor performance on your cellphone.

2. Use cooler master

the application used so that the android phone does not overheat

One application that is able to overcome your cellphone so that it doesn’t heat up quickly is by installing an application that has the following features: cooling down or cooler. As in the app Clean Master and DU battery Saver.

Usually your phone feels hot if your phone has a number of apps running in the background. So that the performance of RAM and Processor will work continuously. Well, to help reduce heat on your phone, then you can take action by installing the application. Because the application is able to process applications and stop applications running in the background. If the running application is reduced then the phone heat will decrease.

3. Store the smartphone in a cool place

Storing your smartphone in a cold place doesn’t mean you have to put it in the fridge or freezer. Even if it’s only for a short time, the idea of ​​you putting it in the freezer is a wrong move because experts say that the idea can be bad for your cellphone. Because this will cause the water vapor to collect from the hot phone. So that the water vapor produced will have the potential to enter the components on your smartphone device.

Likewise for those of you who already have the application cooler master. So don’t just put your phone in a hot place, because it’s useless if you put your phone in hot places and also absorb heat. As with mattresses, foam carpets, and in direct sunlight, if your phone has a rubber or plastic case once in a while you can try to remove it, and let the phone release the heat generated.

4. Update apps and remove unused apps

Android phone too hot?  Here's How To Cool It Down

Try to always update the applications that need updating because these applications usually always bring improvements and this can certainly fix the problem of the phone overheating. You can view and manage a list of apps where apps haven’t been used for a long time. Because by removing unused applications, it is proven to reduce the heat generated by the cellphone. You can choose the best application that you can use on your smartphone. And now there are lots of useful applications that you can find and download through the application google play store.

Well, those are some ways to cool down our phones, and why there are certain things we should avoid if we want our phones to keep working properly. If you want to prevent your phone from overheating, then you should:

  • remove and check the phone battery make sure your phone battery is still good, not leaking, or not bloated. Changing the battery every year or two is a great way to increase the life of your phone and also keep your phone from overheating.
  • Removing the case or phone case when charging the battery.
  • Disable unwanted app features.
  • Try not to play the game for too long.
  • Do not use the smartphone while it is charging.

And that’s some tips that you can try to reduce heat on the phone We. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. And don’t forget to share with your other friends about the tips this time so they can find out too. Thank you for visiting and see you in the next article post.