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An Easy Way to Merge Videos and Subtitles into One File

Do you like watching movies? if so, surely you know what subtitles are in movies, right? Subtitle is a text that translates the language in a film or video. If the language used in the film is in English and you don’t speak English, of course you won’t understand what the characters in the film are saying and just imagine, is it good to watch the film but we don’t know the meaning or words in the film?. So with subtitles, it will be easier for us to understand the meaning or words in a film. But if you already understand the language or words in the film or video. So without using subtitles is not a problem.

And in this tip, we will discuss how to combine movies and their subtitles into one file permanently. If you download a movie with separate subtitles, you can combine the subtitles with the movie into one file. So that when you watch the film again, you don’t have to bother to enter the subtitles again. And if the subtitles are separated from the film, sometimes when playing movies on a smartphone, on television, or on a dvd player, sometimes it can also be unreadable. Of course this makes you feel irritated and annoyed if something like that happens. Especially if you download the subtitles and don’t put them in a folder together with the film, then you have to bother looking for the subtitles for the film. Therefore, it would be better if we played a movie whose subtitles have become one file with the video. And for the method, it’s quite easy, you need a software called MKVToolnix. Please visit the official website if you want to download it.

Here’s how to combine subtitles with movies into one file:

  • Open the app MKVToolnix
  • Then you click on the button add
how to combine movies and their subtitles into one file
  • Then select the film whose video is separate with the subtitles that you have prepared.
  • Continue by selecting the video and subtitles by pressing and holding ctrl+click videos and subtitles. If it is then click open. For example, you can see in the image below.
combine subtitles and movies into one file with MKVToolnix
  • Start merging between movies and their subtitles by clicking start muxing. As in the image below.

tips for watching movies
  • If so, then click okay. See the display image below.
merging movies and subtitles permanently into one file
  • Done. The video or movie will appear or be saved in the folder where you saved it earlier. And enjoy the movie or video in which there is a direct subtitle.
watch movies with subtitles

And interestingly again by using the application MKVToolnix This is a very easy and fast way, friends.
Okay maybe that’s all I can say at this time about how to combine movies and their subtitles into one file. Hopefully it can be useful and thank you for visiting.

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