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All About Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle to Battlepass Valorant Episode 5 ACT II

All About Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle to Battlepass Valorant Episode 5 ACT II

After surprising enough to make changes to Agent Chamber some time ago, the latest update for Episode 5 ACT II Valorant that many players have been waiting for has finally arrived!

This patch is a very big patch update and players will see a lot of new things and changes coming.

One of the newest things that Spinners must already know is that there will be a new Battlepass and also a series of special edition Valorant Champions 2022 bundles.

For those of you who are interested in the leaked Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle up to Battlepass Valorant Episode 5 ACT II, ​​here’s the review!

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Bundle and Battlepass Valorant Episode 5 ACT II

Event Pass: Champions 2022

Before discussing these two things, you also have the opportunity to take part in the event pass Champions 2022 which takes place on August 24 – September 22.

Play Valorant during that time period and earn XP for adding free exclusive items like Player Cards, Sprays, Gun Hangers and more to your collection:

  • Spray Jett Diff Champions 2022
  • Title “Gamer”
  • 10 Radianite
  • NICE 2022 Champions Player Card!
  • Title “Potato”
  • 10 Radianite
  • 2022 Dad Hat Champions Armor

Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle

Like last year, Valorant Champions also released a series of special bundles to welcome it. These skins were released in Episode 5 of ACT II this time, where one of them is Phantom themed Champions changes every five kills (maximum 25), and the butterfly knife also has its own trick if you manage to get to the top frag.

In addition, 50 percent of the net profits from the 2022 Champions Collection from 24 August to 22 September, will go to the participating teams.

This Bundle (which also contains Player Cards, Gun Hangers, and Sprays) will be in stock for a short time, and will not be returning to Store rotations or Night Markets.

Battlepass Episode 5 ACT II

Keeping the same theme as this year’s Champions, Battlepass Act II focuses on myths and legends. This collection includes the Immortalized Sheriff, the Spike Showdown Player Card, and the Hummingbird Magic Gun Holder.

Meanwhile, for Battlepass Premium Act II buyers, they have the opportunity to get some additional items, such as Obsidian and Immortalized Vandals, Spray Hehehehehe, or Kitsune Mask Weapon Hangers.

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