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Ahead of the Match Against AURA Fire, These Players Are Watched By AE Nino!

Ahead of the Match Against AURA Fire, These Players Are Watched By AE Nino!

The third week will be coming soon at MPL ID Season 10. Of course this will be an exciting week because there are many strong teams bringing together.

One of the awaited may be El Clasico. But of course that’s not all because the Alter Ego, which is arguably always the dark horse, will meet two teams, namely AURA Fire and Bigetron Alpha.

Both of them are indeed champion candidates, especially AURA Fire, which has proven consistent at the beginning of this season.

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They have only been defeated by ONIC, and even then with a thin score and a comeback game from ONIC Esports.

AE Ninos Players to Watch out for

Talking about AURA FIre, it turns out that this is the figure that Nino is wary of and wants to fight when he meets AURA.

AE Udil X Nino
Source: Doc. Personal

“Kabuki, it’s really fun to fight lane with him,” said Nino briefly through a media interview.

Nino admitted that he was wary and wanted to meet Kabuki. Moreover, they are both Goldlaners who have made good progress recently.

Both of them are also good at using Beatrix and it is believed that there will be a contest for these two heroes.

The meeting of the two on the lane is also certain to be interesting because both of them are quite reliable in maintaining the main laning phase when using their mainstay hero.

It will be interesting to wait for the second meeting later in the first leg of AURA Fire to meet Alter Ego. Who will smile, is it Nino or Kabuki? Their match will take place as the opening week of MPL ID Season 10 on Friday 26 August 2022.

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