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Age Won't Train BTR in MPL S10 Mobile Legends (ML)

Bigetron Alpha is currently working on preparing for the upcoming MPL ID Season 10. Bigetron indeed this year often performs less than the maximum this time. Several changes were also made to several divisions that the Bigetron Esports team owns. One of them is a trainer from BTR Alpha itself, namely Age. Age will not train BTR in MPL S10 Mobile legends (ML), because at this time he has decided to part with BTR Alpha.

Bigetron Alpha itself for the Mobile Legends division itself has not shown maximum performance and they have not yet won the title of champion. Then maybe with that the coach from Bigetron Alpha himself had to separate, namely Age.

The team with the robot logo had to part with Age, who had been together for a long time until they finally had to separate. With this, then who will be the tactician for the BTR Alpha team later? Read in the article below.

Age Will Not Train BTR in MPL S10 Mobile Legends (ML)

Age who started his career as an AOV player for the Bigetron team who later moved to Mobile Legends as an analyst in MPL Season 6. Even though the BTR Alpha team almost won the title of champion in MPL ID Season 7, their dream had to be destroyed by the EVOS Legends team.

After the near-maximum performance, the decline continued to occur from Season 8 to 9 some time ago. In the last 2 seasons of MPL ID the BTR Alpha team had to be sent home in the Playoffs and maybe that was what made the Bigetron team have to let go of the tactician.

Tuesday, September 28, 2022 Through the official account of Bigetron Esports itself, they officially announced their farewell to the owner of the Instagram @steven.ageee.

Age will not train BTR in MPL S10 Mobile legends

And through the Official YouTube of Bigetron Esports, Age also expressed his opinion by parting with the Bigetron Alpha team. He said he could no longer help with what the BTR team wanted to achieve.

“Farewell cute whatever, as beautiful whatever stay Farewell. There is Story from that second it had to turn into Memory. All for sure changed like it or not, everything is certain separate want it or not, everything is certain end ready or not ready

The words from Age, who had to accept whatever it was about the separation he was currently facing. For the future Age wants to focus on personal matters.

So who will be the coach to replace the age position later? Like the rumors currently circulating, namely from the Philippines who is rumored to be playing in Indonesia later, one of them might be Yeb but will he go to Bigetron later or to ONIC Esports? There is no recent confirmation regarding this.

That’s the explanation about Age will not train BTR in MPL S10 Mobile legends (ML). After a long journey from Age with the BTR team together, but in the end they had to separate. All the best is of course intended by both parties from Age and Bigetron Alpha themselves. Let’s just wait for their action for the upcoming tournament in the Mobile Legends game, of course.