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After being buffed, this Hero Fighter is really OP and must be picked!

After being buffed, this Hero Fighter is really OP and must be picked!

You may know that there are some heroes who get big buffs in this August 2022 patch.

One of them is this Fighter hero, which turns out to be OP after being buffed and can be a mandatory pick hero for counter heroes like Thamuz.

This hero has an advantage in CC which allows him to kill opponents quickly when the skill combo is there. Can you guess the hero?

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Hero Fighter OP After Buff

mobile legends strongest fighter
Photo via Twitter MLBB

The hero is Badang, this hero just got a buff that can be said to be slightly revamped because his skills have new effects.

Now you can get shields not from Ultimate but skill 2. This makes it even thicker, not to mention when using Ultimate now Badang immune CC except Suppress.

In addition, now his 1st skill can be stacked up to 2, this allows him to use this 1st skill more and ensures that the opponent’s hero is exposed to large damage.

The build is not much different from before, but you can give Badang Oracle so that the shield you get is even stronger and can sustain. The two core items from Badang have also remained unchanged, namely the Demon Hunter Sword and the Golden Staff.

You really have to try this Fighter hero to make an explaner to fight heroes like Thamuz who lack escape skills even though they are thick because with DHS, Badang will certainly be quite easy to stop.

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