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AE Dione Tops PMVB Day 1 Week 3 PUBG Mobile klasemen

The first day of the tournament in week 3 PMVB Season 1 has ended, only 2 days left before appearing in the Grand Final. AE Dione again topped the standings after being overtaken by BTR ACE in week 2.

PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) is a special PUBG Mobile tournament for the ladies team. This has been a long time considering that there are quite a lot of ladies players for the PUBG Mobile game.

For this tournament, the interesting thing is that PMVB Season 1 has implemented a tournament format like 2022 PMPL ID last Spring.

The calculation of points in this competition uses a Bonus Points system which will be awarded to each team according to the final ranking in the weekly standings.

The application of a tournament format like this has proven to be effective in making tournaments more competitive. That’s because each team will be made to play consistently every week in order to earn big weekly points.

AE Dione Tops the PMVB Day 1 Week 3 PUBG Mobile standings

Team AE Dione managed to return to the top of the standings while defeating rival BTR ACE. The troops trained by AE Hzlnuts were able to be the first for day 1 week 3 of the PMVB Season 1 tournament this time.

AE Dione managed to get WWCD in the 3rd round with a total of 14 eliminations. On the Miramar map AE Mylo managed to conquer another team by getting 6 eliminations with 968 damage and 27m 12s survival time.

With these acquisitions, AE managed to get 94 points and increased the total WWCD to 8 times so that it solidified them at the top of the temporary standings.

What was different was actually obtained by the rivals, namely Bigetron ACE, Babyla and friends, they had to be satisfied with only getting a total of 6 points. We know that BTR ACE did not perform optimally on the first day of week 3 of the PMVB Season 1 tournament this time.

That way, the top of the standings was again taken by AE Dione, which was previously obtained by BTR ACE. Will the performance of the AE team return on the remaining days of Week 3 before entering the Grand Final round later? We’ll just have to wait for their next action later.